Catch-up stimulus checks coming, IRS says

Catch-up stimulus checks are coming. It’s not a new stimulus offer, but rather money from the federal government for those who didn’t get their first stimulus check because of owing back child support. 

When you create a system fast like the stimulus checks, the language in the rules or what’s left out can have unintended consequences. In the case of the stimulus check roll-out,  parents in child support arrears had their money re-routed to pay down that back child support tab. It was a mistake, according to the IRS.

Be on the look out, the IRS reports, for a catch-up stimulus check. Yes, mailed, in a check. They will be issued the first or mid part of September.

Here are some notes on this:

Eligible for this catch-up stimulus check is any spouse who submitted the Injured Spouse Allocation form, which is FORM 8379. 

Didn’t fill that out?

That’s OK, too, according to the IRS website’s information. You don’t have to do anything. You can track this payment at the IRS – GET MY PAYMENT - tool.