Carrollton police officers dance to 'Cupid Shuffle' with protesters

Police officers in Carrollton are being praised after marching and dancing with protesters on Monday. 

FOX 5 viewer Beverly Dittmer shared a video of several police officers doing the "Cupid Shuffle" alongside demonstrators. 

Dittmer said she was driving through town when she saw protesters on Alabama Street near the courthouse. She parked her car and decided to march. 

"We walked and chanted, with police leading and following us, in cars and on ATVs," Dittmer said. 

Dittmer said they ended up near the square in Carrollton, next to the amphitheater. Music eventually started playing and that's when officers decided to join in on the fun. 

"The police stood with us, walked with us, and danced with us," she said. 

Following the march, Carrollton police took to social media and said there were zero arrests made and no incidents reported related to the protests over the last few days. 

"Carrollton, we are so proud of you," the police department said on Facebook. "This is how you do it. You set the example for others to follow."