Car blaze momentarily stops 2022 Atlanta Pride Parade

Two people were able to escape injuries during Sunday's pride parade after their car caught fire along the route.

The fire delayed Atlanta's first pride parade since 2019 for about a half hour while firefighters worked to put out the blaze.

Thousands lined the streets of Midtown to watch the parade. Many first noticed something was happened smelling "something funny" in the air.

Soon after, spectators could see thick smoke rises into the air.


A firetruck from earlier in the lineup had to make a U-turn to extinguish the fire.

Spectators flocked to social media posting photos and videos from the front lines.

Firefighters were able to successfully take out the blaze, and the parade continued after a 30-minute delay.

The owner of the car, which was in the parade, said the car caught fire and they could not find a place to pull off safely.

Fire officials did not report any injuries from the incident.