Canton Street task force decides to disband, says city should hire urban planner

The Canton Street Promenade Task Force has voted to disband.

The decision was made during a meeting on Wednesday night.

Four Roswell business owners made up the task force meant to study the impact making part of Canton Street into a walking promenade.

They now believe the city should hire an urban planner to do the study.


A new task force in Roswell to study the impact of a proposal to close off a popular street to vehicle held its first meeting Wednesday night. 

The Canton Street Task Force is made up of four Roswell business owners and three residents. They met for the first time Wednesday night. Their task is to look at the pros and cons of shutting down Canton Street to vehicles on a trial basis. 

"The goal is to provide the most factual evidence and figure out what's the best route for everyone," said Dujuante Miller, a task force member.

In the spring, when Mayor Kurt Wilson first announced plans to turn the bustling street into a walking promenade, he said it would keep pedestrians safe and add an even more energetic vibe to the area. 

Some people liked the idea, others quickly shot it down saying it would be a parking nightmare and would ultimately hurt businesses.

That's why the task force was formed. 

"We all really do want to figure out what's best for the community as a whole," said Laine Bristow who is the chairperson of the task force. 

Business owners urged the task force to look at all angles before making any decisions. 

"We put millions of dollars into our businesses, I hope you'll make the right decision," said business owner Judy Raiford. 

Task force members say they also plan to clear up a lot of misinformation that's been circulating as they try to determine what's best for everyone. 

"They deserve to know the truth about what is going on," said Bristow.

This task force will make a recommendation to city leaders, but the final decision will be up to the mayor and city council.

When the task force was selected July 11 they were given 45 days to make that recommendation, but they can ask for an extension.