Call for Action gets a fix for this peeling leather couch

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This “Call for Action” success story gets a remedy for a FOX 5 viewer. And, it’s a great reminder too, that if you get a product warranty you need to understand it.

A FOX 5 viewer knew his warranty information and got our problem solvers, “Call for Action,” involved. He saved himself thousands of dollars.

“It started with this hole here,” Keena Felton said pointing to his leather couch. It’s obvious that it’s peeling, cracking and ripping.

“And it’s moving on to this cushion and this cushion,” he added.

That’s bad. But what was good, or so he thought, was that the couch was still under warranty. He called the company.

“At first they said, ‘No, you’re not under warranty.’ I said, ‘Yes I am. I am on the five-year plan.’”

Lesson one: Keep your warranty paperwork in a safe place. He did. But he still had to keep pushing. This is what a representative told him, he said.

“‘You’re not covered because it’s peeling.’ There is nowhere in the paperwork it says not covered for peeling.”

Lesson two: Don’t just save the warranty info, but know exactly what it says. Read it.

His homework done. He says the company then stalled.

“They call. They say, ‘I’m going to get with you,’ then they don’t. Then it’s 30 days later.”

He knew his time was running out. That warranty was about to expire. The longer the company waited, the more likely he’d be outside its coverage window. Soon.

So he made another call to "Call for Action."

He says less than 24 hours after the “Call for Action” team placed its call to help mediate this dispute, a regional manager reached out to him directly. And a new couch should be arriving soon. His message to to “Call for Action?”

“Y’all were good.”

And so was he.  The team director Susan Bowie says he had a hard copy of that warranty. And that made all the difference.

“Get it in writing. No matter how big or how small the promises are, get them in writing and make sure that they sign it,” said the all-volunteer group’s director.

A new year. Another good deed. And Ms. Bowie has a request of her own. Come on out - be a volunteer this year.

“Thank you to all of the folks who came out last year who volunteered. We have a great group of men and women and we’re looking for new volunteers,” she said.

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