Buckhead apartment residents protest 60 day notice to leave

Residents of a low-cost Buckhead apartment complex held a rally outside the Darlington Apartments, protesting the 60-day notice given by the owners and management to move out of the property. 

"I feel homeless, and I will be homeless," said resident Lisa Johnson.  

With rental prices ranging from $600 and up in one of the most prestigious communities in Atlanta, many tell FOX 5 they simply can't afford to move out of their apartment and elsewhere in the community they've called home for years. 

"I'm on a fixed income. How do you expect us to pay rent, deposit, and a first month's rent?" said Romunda Bostic, a five-year resident who has trouble walking and needs a walking device for support. 

She said she doesn't know how she can manage to move out with her physical limitations and limited funds. 

"People who bag your groceries at Kroger. People who make your lattes at Starbucks, they still need housing. They might not make 20 dollars an hour," Bostic said.  

FOX 5 emailed, called, and went to the Northwest Atlanta office of Varden Capital Properties, which owns the Darlington apartments. FOX 5 was told it would receive a response from management but still hasn't as of Monday night. 

Residents tell FOX 5, management did show them options of places to move, but addresses on some of the documents show that the buildings are far across town. 

"I don't feel its humane. I don't feel its professional," said another resident. 

Residents tell us they've complained about the decline of the building for some time, and showed FOX 5 videos of some parts of the building in disrepair. Residents also tell FOX 5, the air conditioning and hot water have been on and off in the past month. 

Crews did start work on repairs, and hoped to still stay in the building and the geographic area. 

The City of Atlanta, in conjunction with numerous ministries, housing agencies and nonprofit organizations, plans to hold an event at the apartments Wednesday at 9 a.m. to help residents find alternative housing.