Brookhaven residents want city to fix flooding problem

Neighbors in one Brookhaven neighborhood said they've had problems with flooding for years, but said over time, it has gotten worse.

This past weekend, the Brookhaven Fields community could have easily been mistaken for a raging river.

Saturday, some people even got their kayaks out and went for a paddle in the street.

Residents on Cartecay Drive said two or three times a year their yards fill up with fast-moving water when there's heavy rain.

"It looks like a class 2 rapid where you can roll a kayak, maybe catch a bass, catfish," said Gina Gianfagna.

Saturday, the rushing water knocked out part of a fence, tore up yards, and flooded basements.

"I can't keep repairing my basement and replacing my sod," said Grant Hudgins.

Residents said they have had problems for years, but it has gotten worse, especially since the city re-did some storm drains up the hill.

"That storm drain is connected to an 18-inch pipe. As you can imagine, that pipe is not adequate to handle all the water, because of that, the water skates over the tops of our yards at a high volume, high velocity," said Steven Pound.

They also blame it on increased building in the area. Residents have complained and even had a meeting with city officials last year.

"They sent us a formal letter explaining they would not help and it was on us to take care of it," said Gianfagna.

In a statement from the city, officials wrote in part:

"While Brookhaven is sympathetic to the plight of homeowners with property damage caused by natural events, the city is not responsible for and has no control over stormwater damage to private property."

City officials also said after meetings last year, they are planning to do a sub-basin watershed study this year. That gives some residents hope, but for now, they are left dealing with the damage and the cleanup.

"We feel stuck and feel like our properties are being devalued because of lack of leadership from officials," said Pound.