Boy hurt in MOA attack 'walking perfectly' as recovery continues

Supporters say the boy who was thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America earlier this year is making strides in his recovery.

According to an update on an online fundraiser, five-year-old Landen is now walking again and is even back at school.

Landen was seriously hurt when 24-year-old Emmanuel Aranda threw him over the balcony on the third level of the Mall of America on April 12. Landen survived the attack and has since made an incredible recovery in the seven months following the attack.

In the update on Friday, supporters write that since returning home in August, Landen has continued to make great progress: "He came home with a limp and uneven legs from a two-time broken femur, an open wound on his belly we were taking care of every night, and many follow up appointments and medications. Since then he has had many physical therapies to work on his walking. Mom has been doing everything she can to speed up the healing of his wound and working toward getting off some of his medications. He is now walking PERFECTLY with even legs AMEN. The wound has finally scabbed over and new skin is growing, and we are still optimistic he will be off some of his medications soon."

The family says Landen has many great memories from all the people who have shown him support following the attack.

Aranda pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted murder and was sentenced to 19 years’ prison in June.