Bombshell new details revealed in hearing for Grinstead murder suspect

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New details were released Monday during a bond hearing for the man accused of murdering a South Georgia teacher and beauty queen more than a decade ago.

According to reporters in the courtroom, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents testified they did find badly burned human remains at the location where Ryan Dukes allegedly said he and Bo Duke burned Tara Grinsteads' body.

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The agent said based on the condition of the remains, they could not positively say they were Grinstead's.

Agents also revealed that a latex glove found outside Grinstead's home not only had her DNA but Dukes' as well.

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Dukes was arrested in 2017 and admitted to killing Grinstead in 2005.

His attorneys argue he was under the influence of drugs and gave a false confession.

The judge denied his request for bond Monday.

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