Body found in DeKalb County lake identified as missing man

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A missing person’s case, a body found in a lake and an aggravated assault case, all happening within one week are now connected.

FOX 5 News first told you about the disappearance of Joshua Allen Tuesday. Joshua’s mother told FOX 5 he had been missing for nearly a week.

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Wednesday, a body was pulled from a lake in DeKalb County. DeKalb County Police said the body is of 29-year-old Joshua Allen and said that he was a suspect in an aggravated assault case where he held a man at gunpoint with a stolen gun.

But the Allen family says none of this makes sense and they want answers from police.


“He is friendly, he is funny,” said Shekeila Allen about her son when we spoke to her Tuesday. “We talk a lot about the all the things he wants to do and that’s our whole conversation, about life.”

DeKalb County Police said someone called 911 on Wednesday to report a body in Ward Lake. DeKalb County Fire retrieved the body authorities believe it had been there a week.

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Police said Joshua was a suspect in an aggravated assault case. According to the police report, Joshua held a driver at gunpoint on July 5.

Officers said there was a struggle over the gun which went off, hitting the driver while the F-150 was still moving. Investigators said the truck crashed into a ditch near the lake and overturned. Police said Joshua took off on foot.


“We had an incident here about a week ago and we were out here looking for a person, but we were not able to find them and we believe this may be the person we are looking for," said Shiera Campbell, DeKalb County Police Department from the scene Wednesday.

Shekeila said the story does not make sense, especially because of a voicemail recording on her son’s cell phone. “Help me” is what Shekeila believes the man’s whispering voice said.

Shekeila said Joshua does not have a violent past and knew how to swim adding that he was a father to his 8-year-old son who had plans for his life. She wants answers about how her son ended up in a lake.

DeKalb County Police are working to figure that out. The cause of death has not been determined.