Woman treated cancer patient after claiming to family she was a doctor when she wasn't

A FOX 5 I-Team investigation found a couple from Michigan traveled to Atlanta to have a woman who claimed she was a doctor treat the husband's stage 4 pancreatic cancer. But, the woman, Azalea Blalock, now admits to the I-Team she is not a Medical Doctor. 

"I was angry, I was bitter, and I cried. I say she played with my husband's life," Valerie Hamlin said.

Valerie Hamlin is still mad about what happened to her husband Mike. They were married for 42 years. In 2021, he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She says he was given 6 months to a year to live.

Mike didn't want to undergo chemotherapy.

From their home in Michigan, they heard about a woman called Azalea through a friend of a friend. Valerie Hamlin says Azalea introduced herself as Dr. Azalea Blalock.

"First Interview I thought she was a doctor because that's the way she introduced herself," Hamlin said.

On social media, she calls herself Dr. Greensoul Azalea. She's even listed as a "Dr." on her business card.

On social media, celebrities like Sinbad and Stacey Dash sing the praises of her "home-brewed" liquid chlorophyll treatments.

The I-Team met Azalea Blalock undercover buying one of those chlorophyll bottles she was selling online. But, during the conversation, she said she worked with 4,500 cancer clients as well as COVID-19 patients.

"All the COVID clients I saw, I put the radiation test on them, they had high levels of radiation. So, I treated them for radiation. (Oh wow) And then they got rid of the COVID," Blalock told us.

Valerie Hamlin said her husband decided to try Azalea Blalock's holistic treatment for his cancer hoping for a miracle.

"She said she had cured thousands and hundreds of people and that she thought could probably help Mike also," Valerie said.

In a race against time, they left their home in Detroit, Michigan, and drove to Atlanta to begin treatment.  

It wasn't cheap. Valerie Hamlin says they paid Azalea Blalock a total of $12,500 to start the holistic treatment. That included housing.

On her website, Azalea shows various treatment packages for Those Overcoming Cancer ranging from $285 up to $11 million dollars.

Valerie Hamlin said when she went back to Michigan for a few days, her husband signed this document with Azalea Blalock stating he would pay a total of $45,000 with "absolutely no refund" for a 90-day treatment to "starve the cancer out and get the body cleansed and into balance."

The document also states her services "do not take place of your Medical DR" ... " and "we do not promise a cure."

"She knew he was already full of meds, pain pills. He didn't know what he was doing," Valerie said.

What the Hamlins didn't know is that Azalea Blalock isn't a licensed medical doctor. FOX 5 checked and found no medical license of any kind in Georgia for Azalea Blalock.

This is a cell phone video of Mike Hamlin and Valerie in Atlanta starting his holistic treatment. He was getting IV fluids. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Azalea Blalock is in the room shooting the video, wearing no mask, and no gloves.

"I did not shake her hand. I had to remind her we were in the middle of a pandemic," said Latrese Ellis.

LaTrese Ellis is the nurse practitioner hired to give Mike Hamlin his IV treatments. She had never met Azalea Blalock before and was stunned as she watched Azalea care for Mike.

"She was checking his blood sugar. No gloves. Did not wipe his finger with an alcohol swap. She used a straight pin, not a lancet," said Ellis.

Then, she said Blalock offered Mike a drink.

"She told him, she needed him to drink all of it. And also expressed to him once you drink this is what will make you throw up all the cancer. That was quite alarming," said Ellis.

Those alarms kept going off. LaTrese Ellis said she treated Mike Hamlin four times over the next month and worried about his dramatic weight loss under Azalea Blalock's care.  

Ellis finally raised her concerns to Valerie and Mike about the treatment and that she couldn't find any evidence that Azalea is a doctor.

"When she said that, I just cried. I said Are you serious," Valerie Hamlin told us.

The Hamlins packed up and went back to Michigan August 19 - only a month into the treatment. Mike died three weeks later.  

Valerie filed a police report stating Azalea Blalock told her she "could treat cancer patient" but "she found out that the suspect was not a real doctor."

"I'm so sad and bitter and mad at her. Now, I don't have my husband out of 41 years, he's gone. I feel like we would have more time if we hadn't gone down there," said Valerie.

So, we wanted to talk to Azalea Blalock about her treatment of Mike Hamlin and exactly what kind of doctor she claims to be.

(Why do you call yourself a doctor?) I'm not going, too. I'm not going to make no comment? (Why do you tell people you are a doctor?) Because I am.

Later, Azalea Blalock texted to say she "never claimed to be a MEDICAL DR. I am holistic healer based on Ecclisatical law," she wrote.

She sent pictures to show she treated Mike Hamlin in a variety of ways. And shared a text in which she claimed to have ended her services "due to breach of agreement to pay remainder balance."

(Do you believe she is a con artist?) "Yes. Yes. I do," said Valerie Hamlin.