Autistic Student Scores Memorable Touchdown for Ga. Team

This is what we call great sportsmanship.

Last week, the Cartersville Purple Hurricanes traveled to Catoosa County on Friday to take on the Heritage Generals. It wasn’t a close game, with Cartersville leading 42-0 towards the end of the game; however, it’s what happened in the final quarter that made both teams winners that night.

At the end of the game, the first and only touchdown of the night for Heritage was scored by 18-year-old Logan Pickett, who has autism.



Logan serves as team manager and appears to be one of the most loved members of Heritage High School. Last week he served as player #7 for the team.

“He is an amazing young man with the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met,” said mother Danielle Jones Pickett on Facebook. “He is a senior this year and tonight he was a captain for our football team, but he will forever be captain of our hearts. We love you Logan Pickett.”

His mom said he is the HHS football program’s biggest fan.

The response on social media following the epic touchdown has been incredible. It’s clear everyone is rooting for this young man both on and off the field.

As he scored the touchdown, players from both football teams were jumping and cheering for Logan, which speaks volumes.

Longtime Chattanooga radio and TV personality David Carroll covered the game and shared a photo of Cartersville running back Tiamon Pennyman with both arms up jumping for joy.

Carroll spoke with Heritage Coach EK Slaughter about Logan.

“He loves our students and ALWAYS has a smile on his face! He never misses a day and never asks for anything in return. He is a great example for our young men on how to have a great attitude and love others around you,” Slaughter said.  

Way to go Logan – and congrats to both teams on a memorable night of high school football!



Following the win against Heritage, Cartersville was voted as our High 5 Sports Team of the Week. Congrats again to the Purple Hurricanes! 

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