Authorities are ready to crack down on COVID-19-related executive order violations

More Georgia businesses are opening every day and many of you reach out to FOX 5 with your concerns about their safety practices.

Department of Public Safety representatives say there have been nearly 2,000 complaints but not even two dozen citations.

In all, there have been 1,900 complaints since April and nearly two dozen citations, which, depending on the severity can result in $1,000 fine or a year in jail.

Memorial Day weekend was perhaps the biggest tease during the coronavirus pandemic.

With nearly perfect weather and just enough businesses reopening, the metro Atlanta seemed back to normal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stress people are still safer at home and just because the weather is nice does not mean the virus is no longer a threat.

Stephanie Stallings with the Department of Public Safety says authorities are ready to crack down on executive order violations.

"[The Department of Public Safety] make[s] sure everyone’s educated on what’s in the order. If they have violations it’s not an automatic citation because there are things they can do to correct those," Lt. Stallings said.

The department consists of three divisions: the Georgia State Patrol, Motor Carrier Compliance, and Capitol Police.

This past Sunday, rapper 2 Chain’s restaurant Escobar Restaurant and Tapas Lounge was cited. Authorities say patrons were standing shoulder to shoulder and not following the executive order. The manager closed the bar for the night.

Stallings says that’s the quick-thinking behavior that’ll keep Georgians safe.

"We rely on them to keep everyone at bay at their businesses especially since there’s the opportunity for them to run their businesses successfully," Lt. Stallings said.