Atlanta artist's Takeoff tribute tattoo may break world record

Permanence. That's what Atlanta tattoo artist J.R. Outlaw enjoys about his job.

"It is special to be able to create something that stays with people for their lifetime,"  he explains, as he picks up his tool to do touchups on his latest project: a massive tattoo of rapper Takeoff.

Someone shot and killed the rapper last November in Houston, Texas.

He left an everlasting impact, says Outlaw, saying the Migos member helped Trap music go mainstream.

And so he was moved to draw, and then etch out, a tattoo of the Gwinnett County native.

"I just want people to reflect on him as a person and his legacy in music and in the city," Outlaw adds, his tool buzzing.


 His canvas is a silicone sheet, a so-called synthetic skin that artists use to practice their craft and plan their designs.

It's a sheet so large, it's now caught the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records.

A representative will be measuring the canvas this week, to confirm that it is the world's largest tattoo.

Even getting it out the door of the Grant Park studio where it's been a labor of love for the past six months will be tough. 

"Seeing it when we actually stood it up and took the pictures of it, and you get a feel for how big it is - that's when you start to feel the emotions come out of it. Like, wow," Outlaw says, putting the final touches on the tribute.

As for what will happen to the possibly record-breaking piece of art, Outlaw has been in touch with some art galleries but hasn't set anything in stone yet.