Atlanta officer wounded by known gang member recovering but still hospitalized

The Atlanta Police Department said an officer shot on Monday by a known gang member in southwest Atlanta is recovering but still hospitalized. 

It's been two days since officer David Rodgers was shot six times by 22-year-old Christian Eppinger, including the back of the head.

"The Atlanta Police Department would like to thank those of you who have kept Officer David Rodgers in mind during this difficult time," a department spokesperson said. "Officer Rodgers, his family and the Atlanta Police Department are thankful for the thoughts and prayers that you all have provided, and we hope that these well-wishes aid him in his recovery."

Rodger's fellow Gang Unit members organized a fundraiser to support Rodgers during his recovery.

The Atlanta Police Department said it would continue to provide updates on Rodgers' condition.

Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Darin Schierbaum said Rodgers was stable hours after the incident but face a "long road" to recovery. 

Who is the suspect, Christian Eppinger?

Prosecutors said during Eppinger's bond hearing that he is a documented member of YSL street gang. 

He was arrested in May 2016 for a violent carjacking. 

He was on probation when police were trying to arrest him for an October 2021 armed robbery.

Prosecutors said he shot at two officers during Monday's altercation, but hit only Rodgers.

Georgia governor, attorney general address gang violence in Georgia

Attorney General Chris Carr listen to local and state law enforcement during the seventh meeting of the Anti-Gang Network.

He said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation reports more than 50% of all violent crimes in the state are gang-related. 

He said it's not just an Atlanta issue.

"It's important for the state to come in and address violent crime," Carr said.