Atlanta mayor gives one-year progress report on crimefighting in Buckhead

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens says a city and regional plan to fight crime is beginning to pay results.

Mr. Dickens audience Thursday afternoon Buckhead civic leaders.

Atlanta leaders approved a sizable pay package to slow the revolving door of officers leaving.

And the Atlanta Police Department has brokered more alliances with county and state law enforcement that has effectively put more crime fighting resources in neighborhoods.

"I am happy to say crime overall is down 14% in zone two," the Mayor said.

That northeast Atlanta zone is where Buckhead sits.

The regional cooperation was highlighted by Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat and District Attorney Fani Willis being present at the event hosted by the Buckhead Coalition

"It's (crime) an emotional thing," said Eric Tanenblatt of the coalition, "but data is data and the trend is going in the right direction."

The mayor asked the Buckhead constituents to hire young people if they have jobs to fill.

Overall, the biggest problem for police managers are not the hardened adult criminals but impressionable young people who could be lured into gangs.