Atlanta couple wants to build container home communities

An Atlanta couple said they have the solution to the affordable housing crisis. Elize and Majesty Gayle want to build communities filled with homes made from shipping containers.

The concept of a container home community came to the couple when the pandemic hit. They are real estate investors and developers and they said the need for affordable housing became more apparent than ever before.

"The need accelerated so quickly with the pandemic and everything that was happening with unemployment," said Elize Gayle with Evo Haven.

The communities would be built in low-income areas, creating affordable communities complete with amenities like pools made out of shipping containers.

"Building 80 units or more in these communities and create a new demographic of homeowners," said Majesty Gayle with Evo Haven.

The Gayles said the 8-by-40 foot shipping containers can be transformed into homes complete with bedrooms, kitchen, bath, and living areas in about 6 weeks. 

Each home would also use solar and geothermal energy.

"It's important we don't contribute to the carbon footprint, but also to maintain low cost to our home buyers, they won't have an electric bill," said Majesty Gayle.

The Gayles said the cost for the home and the land would be about $85,000, putting homeownership within reach of many who never thought it would be possible.

"We have humble beginnings and we have ties to the community so it's important that everybody has access to their dream. Our dream is to have a positive impact on the most people possible," said Majesty Gayle.

The Gayles said they have already identified eight sections of land in Fulton County for communities. They're currently working with the local governments on codes and zoning. Their plan is to break ground on their first community in 2021.