Atlanta’s Cooks & Soldiers hosts annual summer festival

If you’ve got some red and white clothes hanging in your closet, now would be a good time to pull them out. Why? Because Atlanta’s Cooks & Soldiers is hosting its big summer festival this Sunday, and if you’re not wearing red and white, you might be the only one!

Cooks & Soldiers will host its annual Fêtes de Bayonne celebration this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., bringing the vibrant French festival of the same name here to metro Atlanta. Chances are you’ve seen Fêtes de Bayonne at Cooks & Soldiers featured on Good Day Atlanta in the past — but in case you haven’t, the event costs $50 for general admission (including unlimited food) and $70 for VIP admission (unlimited food and beverages), and honors the famous five-day festival with specially-created food and drinks at various stations throughout the restaurant. The restaurant’s team encourages people to wear white and red, which is a tradition at Fêtes de Bayonne celebrations in France.

Cooks & Soldiers is one of Atlanta’s unique restaurants, owned and operated by Castellucci Hospitality Group and featuring a menu inspired by executive chef John Castellucci’s travels.

"It’s Basque cuisine," says Castellucci. "We represent the autonomous region between Spain and France. So, Spanish food and lots of French influence, as well, centered around our Asador, the wood-fired grill."

Cooks & Soldiers is located at 691 14th Street Northwest in Atlanta — for more information on Sunday’s Fêtes de Bayonne and to purchase tickets, click here. And click the video player in this article to check out our morning with John Castellucci and his team, getting the big summer party started early!