Atlanta city pools shut down Monday following shooting

All Atlanta city pools were shut down early Monday after multiple shots were fired at a southwest Atlanta pool.

Four lifeguards said two groups of people started shooting at each other and using park trees for cover. The violence erupted at the James Orange City Park just three feet away from the swimming pool. Lifeguard Erica Fields said she feared for everyone's safety.

“Multiple gunshots came, everybody ran out the pool. One lady hid her children under the water because she was so scared," Fields said.

Lifeguards evacuated the pool and ask children to retreat to the women's restroom for safety.

We talked to one Candler Park mother who learned about the violence on her Nextdoor App and decided not to take her child to the pool Tuesday.

“It made me nervous, I was going to take her today, but now I am not going to take her. It would be a risk, I thought about it three or four times," mom Jen Dean said.

The city of Atlanta released a statement that said in part:

“Protecting the safety of the children and families in City of Atlanta pools is our top priority. For this reason, law enforcement officers patrol all city pools during operating hours.”

All city pools closed Monday at 4:30 p.m. because of the violence. No one was injured and there were no arrests.