Atlanta budget for 2025 approved by City Council

Aerial drone view of Atlanta Skyline, Georgia the peach state. (Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) (Getty Images)

The Atlanta City Council has unanimously approved Mayor Andre Dickens' budget for Fiscal Year 2025, marking a significant financial commitment to the city's growth and development. The approved budget, totaling an impressive $2.75 billion, allocates $853.8 million for the General Fund, $1.5 billion for Enterprise Funds, and $352.5 million for Other Funds.

"This budget shows our commitment to significant investments in our community and in our employees as we continue toward our collective mission of making Atlanta a City of Opportunity for All," said Mayor Dickens. "We know that Atlanta has great influence on a global scale from housing the world’s busiest and most efficient airport to our innovation in housing solutions and this budget shows that we are working to ensure all residents have access to critical resources in our city. Thank you to members of the Administration in putting the thought and intent into this budget that the people of Atlanta deserve and thank you to City Council for their support and their unanimous approval of this historic budget."

The FY25 budget considers recent analyses and projections, including a projected slight contraction in inflation-adjusted GDP and expectations of an average inflation rate of around 2.5% per year. This strategic approach to financial management aims to address the evolving economic landscape while prioritizing critical investments.

Key highlights of the approved budget include:

Investments in Human Capital: The budget includes a $24.3 million investment in employee compensation, benefits, and professional development to ensure a resourceful workforce for the city's future.

Commitment to Public Safety: A significant $29.8 million is allocated for public safety, including funding for equipment, technology upgrades, and security measures.

Affordable Housing Initiatives: $17 million is committed to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, supporting initiatives to provide safe and quality housing for residents and promoting inclusive growth across the city.

Infrastructure Development: With a focus on infrastructure, $30 million is allocated for capital improvements, including the construction of two new fire stations and addressing long-standing maintenance needs.

Commitment to Eradicating Food Deserts: $6 million is dedicated to developing local grocery stores and markets and supporting fresh food inventory and distribution throughout the city.

Laying the Foundation and Continuing the Work of A City Built for the Future: The city has committed to raising the minimum wage for city employees to $17.50/hour following the completion of the Class and Compensation Study.

Continued Investment in Youth: The budget includes $3 million in Year of the Youth Investments, $1.8 million for the operations of At-Promise Youth Centers, $2 million for the Summer Youth Program, and $1.9 million for the Mayor’s Youth Ball.

Further information and detailed budget breakdowns can be found here.