Atlanta airport adding a luxury terminal for those who can afford it

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will soon have its first PS private luxury terminal.

The terminal will give travelers the option to go through private TSA screening, skipping security lines at the public terminals.

It will cost a little over $1,095 per person to use the new terminal or $4,850 for a private suite for up to four travelers.

Private suites will have a day bed, private restrooms, shower, spa services, cocktails, meals and a private chauffer service to and from aircraft.

An all-access membership is also available for $4,850 with a per use cost of $750 per person and $3,550 per suite.

PS (formerly known at The Private Suite) opened its first luxury terminal at Los Angeles International Airport in 2017.

The private terminal is set to open Sept. 6. Reservations are already being accepted. Click here to reserve.