'Aspiring basketball players' forced to move out of home

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After numerous complaints of a strange setup of "aspiring basketball players" living in a home, the city of Dunwoody tells FOX 5, it has cited a homeowner, fined them Wednesday and ordered for its numerous excess residents to vacate the property. 

Residents said they complained of seeing more than a dozen men coming and going from the home on Brandy Turk Way. Residents told FOX 5, many of the young men told them they were foreigners and aspired to play college basketball. 

WATCH: Hear what residents have to say

The homeowner and people at the home declined to speak to FOX 5, and said they had no comment. 

"They were all trying to play division one basketball... super nice kids. A lot of them from foreign countries," said neighbor Ryan Whitehurst, who said the men were often polite and did not cause him problems, but agreed that too many people in a home was not appropriate for the neighborhood. 

"They were super friendly-- I hate to see them go," he said. 

"Buses a few times, cars coming and going... and a lot of trash," said neighbor Pat Johnston, who said she was glad the city finally issued a mandate. 

A city spokesperson tells FOX 5, Wednesday a judge ordered the homeowner pay $350 for the citation, and gave them a 90-day probation period to lessen the number of people living there to four or less unrelated persons, per zoning codes.