Army veteran who suffered brain damage in Afghanistan given new home

Army Captain Robert Setliff, who was badly injured while serving in Afghanistan, has been given a new home for him and his family, mortgage-free, as a way to begin saying thank you for all of his great sacrifices.

Setliff spent 20 years in the Army. In 2008 he suffered a severe brain injury while serving in Afghanistan. He also suffers from PTSD due to a number of traumatic incidents during his service. 

The new home is a gift, from a non-profit called Homes on the Homefront, that helps pair veterans in need like Setliff with bank-owned properties as a way of saying thank you for the tremendous sacrifices they’ve made for our country. Volunteers fix up the homes to make them ready for their new occupants. Setliff will still be responsible for taxes and upkeep on the house once he moves in.

Robert and his family have been anxious to tour their new home for the first time.

“For probably like, the last two weeks, I haven’t even been able to sleep,” he told Fox 35. “I’ve just been so nervous, and didn’t know what to expect.”

Setliff says his new home helps him feel like he has a place where he belongs again.

“A lot of veterans come back feeling like they’ve lost something,” he said. “And this helps restore that and makes them feel like they have a home.”