Army Reserve Professional Medical Command honored after multiple deployments

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A dedicated group of citizen-soldiers was honored Friday at Fort Gillem, following multiple overseas deployments. Members of the AMEDD Professional Management Command were honored with Warrior Citizen awards, celebrating their collective return from various missions. The unit serves locations across the country, and deploy to serve all of the armed forces.

"We mobilize to take care of soldiers who are ill or injured or take care of their disability issues their long term care," says Maj. Gen. Jonathan Woodson of the Army Reserve Medical Command.

"When they are called upon to mobilize, they have got to fold their private lives put it on hold, in order to come into military service to do this special mission", Maj. Gen Woodson added.

Time, and time again...

"Over the 18 years at war, many of these soldiers have had multiple mobilizations" Maj. Gen Woodson says. Col. Arthur Womble from Birmingham, Alabama is an example of one of these enduring soldiers. Col. Womble has deployed a whopping 15 times across missions like Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, and Iraqi Freedom.

"I keep a bag packed, I'm ready to go, I want to support our troops, my son is active duty, when my son deployed to Iraq in 2003, that's when it really hit home," he said following the ceremony. Along with being honored with a warrior citizen award, Col. Womble received a special coin for his incredible service history.

In all, 10 army reserve soldiers were awarded, highlighting their sense of duty, comradery, and willingness to return: even if it means a 16th deployment.

"It's a brotherhood, and once you join it, you don't want to leave it. I've been in for 33 years and just asked to extend because I do feel a very special bond to it" Col. Womble said.