Armed robbers targeting Atlanta pizzeria

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For two weeks in a row, a popular Atlanta pizza restaurant has been targeted by armed robbers.

The most recent Fellini's Pizza robbery happened Friday night.

The manager of the Candler Park restaurant believes two men seen walking into the restaurant Friday night on surveillance footage waited until a neighborhood police officer drove out of sight before they rushed in to make their move.

Once inside, they reportedly pointed guns at the employees while jumping behind the counter and demanding money.

Moments later, they rushed through the parking lot into a waiting car.

It was a familiar scenario because it happened just a week before.

Candler Park resident Mark Clement said that the robberies were not going to deter a lot of neighbors.

"We are going to be vigilant," he said. "When we see something we are going to say something." 

Scott Armstrong is a regular at the pizzeria. He says he's concerned but not deterred either.

"Just when you think life is normal and safe, there's an intrusion like this it is a reminder that we live in a broken world," Armstrong said. 

But he said the images of criminals trying to take advantage of his neighborhood only strengthens the bond the community has with their local shops.

"That's what makes Candler park what Candler park is," he said. "It's because of local businesses. We trust in our businesses and nothing could be a better way to respond to a crime than to continue to support those businesses." 

Police are now combing through surveillance video to see if they can identify the suspects.