Armed men caught on camera during Pizza Hut robbery

Atlanta police want to catch the pair of armed robbers who got away with a small stash of cash before they strike again.

In surveillance video from the Chevron on Bolton Road and James Jackson Parkway, you can see one slender in light clothing followed by another in dark clothing. Both walked into the Pizza Hut off Bolton Road around 9:35 p.m. Sunday. Security cameras were also rolling as the man in the dark hoodie pulled out a hand gun and points it at customers and employees.

FOX 5's Portia Bruner spoke to one of the victims who said both perps appeared to be in their teens and cleared out the registers before trying, but failing, to gain access to the safe. The victim told Bruner the young men were in and out of the to-go restaurant in less than five minutes. Employees told Bruner they were not allowed to comment on camera, but Pizza Hut officials told Bruner they are giving their in-store surveillance video to APD robbery detectives.

“It’s frustrating, very frustrating, to see this happen to my neighbors," said Jay Abdullah, who owns two convenience stores at the intersection. He gave FOX 5 News surveillance video hoping someone will recognize the armed robbers and turn them over the police. He said he is pitching in with other business owners and civic leaders to help pay for private security in the busy shopping center, but he hopes the public will play a role in crime-fighting as well.

“It's very, very important. The only reason these guys keep doing this is because they know no will turn them in, even if they see them in action, people pretend like they’ve seen nothing. People have to speak up before someone gets hurt. It's just so frustrating, said Abdullah.