Apps to get most of eclipse viewing

After you get your solar eclipse glasses, it's free to just look up in the sky and take it all in. But there are other free ways to enhance the experience.

Let's start with TOTALITY by Big Kid Science. It's an educational site created by an astrophysicist. It's super simple to use. Just tap your location and you will get the details from your spot.  If your kids are going to be home, or maybe you home school, go to the menu and hit 'learn' where you can find some fun classroom activities.

EXPLORATORIUM has one called Total Solar Eclipse 2017.  There are a few with similar names. Remember it's from Exploratorium.  It's really simple with its real time look at the solar eclipse. But here's what I like - its website.  Lots of science activities that capture the obvious science stuff but also talks about the science of food like magnetic grapes, or how science is part of the arts. There's a video on how to create fireworks in a bottle.

And the big one with the most features would be NASA's.  You can keep up with the solar eclipse through live pictures through FB, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and more brought to you by 11 spacecraft, and 50 high-altitude balloons. We heard astronauts might be involved.  And get this, any eclipse chasers out there? They want your pictures.

Also, check out the Smithsonian's app for its simplicity. And a viewer recommended the iNaturalist app because it shows how plant and animal life reacts.  Very cool.