Amputee boot camp held held at Truist Park hopes to instill confidence

Atlanta's most revered baseball players often practice at Truist Park, but Friday, another group of determined people packed the stadium.

They weren’t there to perfect their pitch, but to attend a camp to cultivate confidence.

"Many have a fear going out in public, but as you can see they are out in a very public stadium without stressing themselves for real," Hanger Clinic VP Kevin Carroll said.

These camp-goers juggle stairs and inclines differently than most.

"We're all bilateral amputees," Clyde Hayden said.

They work on walking, climbing steps, and gaining endurance through the Hanger Clinic.

"They do a lot of sports events trying to get you active and keep you active," Shane Coldwell said.

The clinic has a long history of getting people to move on their own.

"The organization has been around for 160 years," Carroll said.

Coldwell has worked with the clinic before, but he returned Friday after taking a hiatus from prosthetics.

"It’s very tiring but it’s great to set little goals," he said.

The experience is new to Hayden and others who flew in to Atlanta from as far as Colombia to learn new techniques.

They're not training for the big leagues, but for their next big step.

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