Alligator 'arrested' by deputies after 'suspicious activity' reported in backyard

"You call, we come," that's what Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said in a new video posted by the sheriff's office.

The video details the "arrest" of an alligator trespassing on one woman's property.

"There was noise at the backdoor, hissing, scratching like if someone was trying to make entry into her house," Sheriff Lopez said in the video.

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The video then showed deputies wrangling the gator.

"As deputies went behind the residence, he fought, he tried to run, he twisted and turned, but guess what? He was no match for the Osceola County deputies," Sheriff Lopez said.

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The gator was "apprehended, taken into custody and safely released into another side of the lake."

At the end of the video Sheriff Lopez reminded viewers that it's gator mating season and that people should watch out for small children and pets, keeping them away from the edges of ponds and lakes.

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