Alert: New tornado sirens being tested in Morrow on Wednesday

The city of Morrow finished installing three new tornado sirens. The devices have been placed throughout the city.

For several years, the city only had one siren, but it was in the most central part of the community.

"The system that we have that activates the siren is the initial weather notification from the National Weather Service," says Fire Chief Roger Swint. "It's automated and within three to five seconds of the warning going out the siren activates."

The devices will be tested on Wednesday, May 6. The alert will sound at noon.

"We'll do a test that will last about fifteen seconds," Chief Swint told FOX 5's Kerry Charles. "This is designed to alert people when they are outdoors. Some people will live close enough that they will be able to hear it in their homes, but that's not the intent."

Chief Swint suggests people have a backup source to receive severe weather updates.

"We certainly recommend other means of notification such as your FOX 5 Storm Team app or weather apps of some other nature."

The system is Morrow-specific. It will not sound will tornado warnings have been issued for other communities in Clayton County.