After unauthorized rap video, leaders say Fulton County Jail needs better supervision

A Fulton County leader says the unauthorized recording of a rap video and other strange incidents show the jail needs better supervision.

"Am I surprised by this? No," Commissioner Bob Ellis said after viewing the recording.

In the video, a door to the housing pod had been left wide open as one officer watched the goings-on.

Ellis said taxpayers are paying to have high-quality personnel who are under competent managers.

Sheriff Pat Labat noted how difficult it has been to attract and keep staff "for every law enforcement agency."

The female officer who stood watch has left the jail and resigned.

As for Ellis’ criticism, Labat wrote:

"The commissioner may not have noticed but in recent weeks we have been working around the clock to respond to storm damage that crippled operations at the jail and working closely with the department of justice response team following up our request for assistance to mitigate long-standing, systemic issues related to staffing shortages and other challenges at the dilapidated Rice Street facility.

"It is also worth noting that nearly every law enforcement agency in the country is confronting critical staffing shortages. Better pay certainly helps, but that’s only one component of building a qualified and trusted staff. 

"If you look at voting records and which commissioners have reached out directly and even visited the jail, it will be clear which ones are interested in sustainable solutions and which ones are obsessed with playing politics.

"I already know the answer to those questions, so, as always, I will remain laser focused on my job and the current priority of meeting the incredible security challenges in front of us." 

That response did not identify any elected official.

Ellis, for his part, told FOX5 he toured the troubled Rice Street facility this year on February 23.