Unauthorized rap video featuring Fulton County inmates filmed inside jail

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat has confirmed a rap video was recorded inside the jail without his authorization.

More than a dozen prisoners joined the lead rapper, a fellow inmate, in what resembled a party in the day room on one of the floors.

Not only was the amateur performance done without approval, the video shows a security door ajar.

Standing near that door is one of the performers.

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Fulton County Jail inmates filmed a rap 'music video' inside the facility as an officer appeared to observe.

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The video also shows an officer can be seen observing, but apparently doing nothing to stop it.

According to Labat, a contractor working at the jail used their phone to make the recording, which is now on social media.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office issued a statement calling the incident a "flagrant violation."

"Sheriff Labat believes it is important that everyone who works in the jail follows all guidelines, policies, and procedures to maintain safety and security," the statement reads. "Although the contractor who recorded the video was authorized to have a phone in the jail during the course of their official duties. Labat is concerned and disappointed about this flagrant violation and expects the contractor's employer to take appropriate action."

The officer on the floor during the performance has resigned.