Activists outraged by video that shows Atlanta police officer throwing a woman to the ground

Elizabeth Omilami is well known for her work with the organization Hosea Helps and now insists it’s her family and the community at large that need help now in the form of social justice reform following Amber Jackson’s encounter with an Atlanta police officer May 29 at Lenox Square.

“She was handled like a rag doll. She was thrown on the ground like she didn't matter. Her clavicle is broken! Our system is broken! Our city is broken! The police department is broken! And she is now an example of what needs to be done,” said Omilami, who’s grandson is engaged to Jackson.

Standing in front of Atlanta Police Headquarters on Friday, Jackson’s attorney Mawuli Davis showed the media a clip of the video that's gone viral since the 24-year-old was thrown to the ground by an Atlanta Police Officer.

“The police comes in, yanks me out of the car, and slams me to the ground. My shoulder is broken; my clavicle is broken. I have never been arrested. I am a college graduate with a bachelor's [degree] in dental hygiene,” said Jackson, who was wearing a sling on her right arm.

Attorneys and activists, including former Atlanta city councilman Derrick Boazman, are calling on APD Chief Erika Shields to fire the officer in the video or resign from her post.

“They are literally dragging this girl all over the place and throwing her down like a piece of trash and then went on. Why is that important? Because that officer is on the street tonight in Atlanta somewhere and we know whose community is he in,” said Boazman, as he stood next Jackson and the other supporters.

Attorney Davis said Jackson and her boyfriend were leaving the mall when Jackson moved her barricade to get to her car. Jackson was not arrested but was cited for disorderly conduct. Davis said that citation shouldn't come with a body slam.

“This starts at the top. If Chief Shields can’t hold her officers accountable, then she needs to be held accountable. This isn’t about just keeping officers safe. She has to keep all of us safe,” said Davis. “This young lady weighs 138 pounds. And at this point, there is no evidence that any action has been taken by to discipline the officer involved.”

FOX 5 made several attempts to reach the Atlanta Police Department about the case and the officer involved in the encounter. As of Friday evening, there was no response from the department on this matter.