AAA: Expect more double-digit gas price spikes

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Gasoline prices in the Metro rose 12 cents from Friday into Saturday, and experts warn of double-digit spikes for the next week, according to experts from the American Automobile Association.

"In the short term, [expect] ten to twenty additional cents, anytime between now and about a week," said Megan Osborne, a spokesperson for AAA; Osborne said drivers in the Southeast should plan for the highest estimated spikes.

While pipelines reopen in the Gulf, prices have spiked temporarily due to the increased costs of transporting the available supplies, Osborne said.

AAA said prices rose Saturday to an average of $2.71 in the Atlanta area, close to 50 cents higher than prices before Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast. The average price of gas in Georgia Saturday night grew to $2.62.

AAA said prices will finally return to normal in late September or the beginning of October, so drivers should practice gas-saving tips to avoid sticker shock: carpool, avoid driving during rush hour traffic, perform maintenance on your vehicle and tires, and search online for the best gas prices along your route.

AAA also provides a gas price calculator to plan the cost of your roadtrip, and an app to find the cheapest gas along the way: