A simple phrase brings big inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic

Our lives have changed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it can feel a little overwhelming at times. But now, a local community has found a way to bring hope, through one simple phrase.

Everything will be OK.

The simple message is displayed on the wall of the Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody. The mural has been inspiring all kinds of people since it was created in 2009 by local artist Jason Kofke.

It has since become known as the unofficial motto of the city. You can find it on people’s walls, in their yards, car bumpers and even on coffee cups.

Mark Mize says every time he sees the sign, “it reassured us, everything is going to be okay no matter what happens.”

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But in the midst of coronavirus pandemic, it’s now taking on a new meaning.

One local business owner, Hayward Wescott says, “personally, I think the message is just wonderful. And we’ve had this sign for years in our community and I think now is the perfect time to embrace it.”

Wescott took it upon himself to start printing the motto on yard signs and putting them up all around Dunwoody. He says, “I elected to drive around and put these up randomly, and that’s when people started noticing.”

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People started sharing the message on social media, using it as a phrase of encouragement to help them keep going during the difficult times.

With an outpouring show of support and interest from the city, the Spruill Center for the Arts has started selling merchandise with the phrase and giving profits to support local artists who may be out of work because of COVID-19.

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The CEO of the arts center, Alan Mothner, says “it’s incredibly uplifting to know that a simple piece of artwork like this can make such a big difference in people’s lives.”

If you’re interested in buying a sign, they are $20 each. You can click here to buy one

With millions of students at home around the world due to school closures, one Dunwoody student decided to use his time to spread the word about the city’s unofficial motto. 11-year-old Aaron Karlin says, “especially because of the Coronavirus and school shutting down, I didn’t want my friends and others to be worried.”

Aaron set his sights on helping others stay calm. That’s why he used his mother’s Facebook account to ask friends and family for pictures using the phrase “Everything Will Be OK.” And the success can be seen in a minute-long video.

Using a phone app, Aaron and his mother were able to string the pictures together.

Aaron says he hopes his video will further spread the message to people during this tough time, that “everything will be OK!”