8-year-old survives serious moped accident, police disagree how she crashed

It has been two months since a crash on Mableton Parkway sent an 8-year-old girl to the hospital. It is where she would stay for weeks as she powered through several surgeries and a coma.  

"I am just happy to be home," said Briella Smithson.

After seven weeks in the hospital, Briella is free at last.  

"I never thought I was going to get out of the hospital," she said.

Photos of Briella provided by family.

Briella was injured in a crash in February on Mableton Parkway near Bonanza Trail. Her mom, Shannon Smithson, says she had just picked her up from school, and they were heading home.

"Right before our turn, our life changed," Shannon said.

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Bonanza Trail and Mableton Parkway

They were on a moped and despite wearing helmets, Briella was severely injured.  

"She fractured her skull, she had a brain injury," Shannon said.

Those are just some of her injuries. Briella was also in a coma for a month and spent her 8th birthday in the hospital. Doctors told her mom several times she was not going to make it.

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Photos of Briella provided by family.

"No parent should ever have to hear ‘Your kid is not going to make it’," Shannon said. "Those are the worst words in history."

Cobb County Police tell a bit of a different story than Shannon. They say Shannon left her lane and hit a car. She says that is true, but only after another vehicle clipped them and caused them to lose control. The two went flying and Briella ended up in traffic. Shannon says a doctor told her it appeared after Briella was thrown from the moped, she was run over. Investigators are not calling this a hit-and-run which has Shannon upset, but police say the investigation is ongoing.

Shannon says she is thankful her daughter is still here.

Briella shows her cast.

"I literally thank God every second of every day," she said. "Every time I hear her voice, I'm just so, so happy that I have this new lease on life with her."

Shannon is a single mom and after her daughter spent two months in the hospital, she says the bills have stacked up. They have created a GoFundMe in hopes people can help.