44 Residents Displaced after Fire Rips Through Apartment Complex

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More than three dozen people lost their homes when a two-alarm fire swept through an apartment complex in southwest Fulton County Monday night. 

Firefighters were called to the Washington Garden Apartments in the 4500 block of Washington Road around 7:00 p.m. Monday.  

Officials confirm the blaze started inside one apartment as a kitchen fire that got out of hand. The person who lived in that apartment told officials he tried to put out the flames himself using multiple fire extinguishers, but to no avail. When fire crews got to the complex, they found flames already coming through the roof of one of the buildings. 

Cell phone video provided to FOX 5 from some people who live in the complex shows large flames shooting out of the roof and blown out windows. Many describe the fire as intense. 

"At first we wanted to try to put the fire out. We started grabbing fire extinguishers and whatever but it was too much for us to handle. So I started clearing the building. And I just went from there. I mean I just, went door to door," said resident Shaquille Garnett.

Fire officials said more than 40 people were evacuated from the burning buildings.

The Red Cross is on scene providing relief goods and shelter to everyone who needs it.

The good news is no one was injured in the fire.