4-year-old boy goes on joyride to get candy

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A 4-year-old Minnesota boy with a candy craving hopped in his great-grandfather's car and drove a mile and a half to a gas station.

Little Sebastian used his great-grandfather's walker to climb up and grab the keys from the wall.

Then he climbed into the driver's seat.

With his little body stretched out, Sebastian could barely see above the steering wheel, but he backed out of the driveway, drove down winding neighborhood streets, and turned left on a busy road during the morning rush hour.

Sebastian wasn't able to go far without doing a little damage. He hit some mailboxes, dinged a tree, and knocked off part of the car's bumper.

But eventually, he made it to the gas station. Unfortunately, he didn't get any Reese's – just police waiting for him.

Thankfully, Sebastian wasn't injured.

His family says they'll keep a closer eye on him in the future.

FOX 5 reporting from Atlanta.