2 drivers stuck on train tracks in Duluth after GPS error, 1 car hit

In one week, two drivers got their cars stuck on the train tracks in Downtown Duluth after they said their GPS devices malfunctioned.

"It all just happened so fast, it was just crazy," said witness Dell Fields.

Over the weekend, a family of five escaped with their lives just seconds before a train barreled through their car.

"They were very frightened," said Fields. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the train did push the car about 200 feet.

Just days before, a woman turned onto the tracks drove about 150 feet down the track. She called officers for help, and police eventually charged her with a DUI.

Duluth police said the drivers involved in both incidents said their GPS told them to turn right onto the tracks. Police want these close calls to be a strong reminder to the public.

"Look where you're going," said Duluth Police Department Officer Ted Sadowski. "Even if you're unfamiliar with the roads. And make sure there is a road."

The driver of the car hit by the train is not facing any charges.