1st grader starts lemonade stand to help detained migrant families

The politics are hotly debated but the emotion associated with seeing children in detention facilities is pretty much universal.

Five-year-old Emaan Uppal saw these images herself and made a decision to do something.

FOX 2: "What did you see that made you think I should raise money for charity?"

"Because kids that are in cages, it makes me feel sad," she said. "So I wanted to do it for my lemonade stand."

The stories of migrant children - more specifically the images even for a 5-year-old, were devastating, thought provoking and ultimately action spurring.

"We watch the news all the time," said Meriam Uppal, her mother. "And she looked up and was like 'Mama, why are those kids in cages?' It's a tough question to answer considering she's 5... but I said we should try to help them."

Emaan Uppal is going to the first grade so a lemonade stand felt like her kind of thing. 

FOX 2: "What's your secret recipe for the lemonade if you don't mind?

"Lemons, sugar, water and little bit of ice," said Meriam.

But then she realized what she could do with the money she raised Friday to help other people her same age.

"It made me feel proud for her as a 5-year-old and to realize beyond her radius of a world that there are people who are suffering," said Meriam. "She wanted to do something to help them. It made me feel like I'm doing something right."

So far Emaan has raised about $550. They have a Facebook campaign in which all the proceeds going to RAICES which helps separated and detained families and also helps those seeking asylum in the US.

And by the way, the fundraiser runs until the end of the month. CLICK HERE to learn more.