$1K reward after 14 rabbits abandoned in Stone Mountain

Someone found 14 rabbits crammed inside a box, sitting in a breezeway at a stone mountain apartment complex.

There's a one-thousand dollar reward being offered to anyone who knows who left those animals behind.

It's not every day a shelter is brought more than a dozen rabbits at once, but that's where Jennifer McGee found herself Thursday, after receiving a frantic phone call from a woman in Stone Mountain.

"She came home to find a box with fourteen rabbits in a breezeway in her apartment complex. She was desperate to try to do something for them," said McGee.

But Jennifer says Animal Control doesn't take Rabbits, which is why Georgia House Rabbit Society stepped in. Jennifer says people abandoning rabbits isn't uncommon.

"The problem we have with rabbits is people really think their good starter pets. They're pretty easy to come by in pet stores. What people don't understand is that that's so far from reality," said McGee.

Jennifer says at first they are easy until they hit six months old. And if not spayed or neutered, they're not great pets.

"Their hormones will surge and just this little pet somebody bought for their kids to team them responsibility will start biting the kids, and they don't know what to do," said McGee.

She says without proper education, people become overwhelmed and end up dumping the rabbits. She says that just leads to more and more rabbits.

"The 14 rabbits that we took yesterday could have easily quadrupled their numbers within 30 days had they not made it to our rescue and been vetted, spade and neutered"

Taking in this many rabbits will cost the shelter a lot of money, but they say they can't turn their backs on these little guys, who will soon be up for adoption.