19-year-old shot, 'dumped' along Downtown Connector

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19-year-old Homer Thirkield was found shot along the Downtown Connector Friday has died.

Investigators said Thirkield was shot at another location and then was “dumped” along the busy interstate.

According to Atlanta Police, an ambulance was flagged down along the northbound lanes near the Edgewood Avenue exit around 3 p.m. by “friends” of the man. Paramedics found Thirkield with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

Investigators later learned Thirkield was actually shot in 1600 block of Sylvan Road near Harte Drive in southwest Atlanta. Police said an argument among two groups of men escalated into gunfire. Witnesses said between five to ten shots were heard.

Police said one of those shots hit a man in a black car, believed to be a Chevy Malibu. Police said he staggered out of the car, and then was placed back in it by men at the scene. Investigators said they then drove off, apparently on the way to Grady Memorial Hospital, but for an unknown reason, pulled over about four miles on the Downtown Connector.

"I don't know if they were caught in traffic and didn't feel they could make it or what the situation was, but they actually flagged down this ambulance. After, they flagged the ambulance down, the subjects in the vehicle took off, they did not follow along to the hospital,” said Major Adam Lee, III, head of Atlanta Police’s Homicide Unit.

Investigators said the ambulance crew, which was from Clayton County, has provided some details to help them track down the men in the black car, who left a dying man in their care.

Police are also searching for the other car, described only as being red. The shooter used the vehicle to get away.

It is unclear what prompted the argument which led to the fatal shooting. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Atlanta Police Department.