13-year-old in custody after police-involved shooting

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The parents of a 13-year-old boy have lots of questions after police shot at their son Tuesday.

It happened at the Biscayne Apartments on Old National Highway. The boy's mother said she had just dropped him off to hang out with friends and was surprised to hear the police were shooting at him.

"I jumped out my car and asked where is my son at? Can somebody tell me where my son is, is he okay? They said ma’am calm down," Yolanda Campbell told FOX 5 News.

She and the boy's father were questioning South Fulton Police's version of what happened.

"They are trying to hide something. They have moved him from all these locations and won’t tell us where he is. We just want to lay eyes on our son. I don't care if he has got to go through processing or what, just let me see my child.," Father Tamerius Ray replied.

South Fulton Police said the young suspect had a stolen gun from Union City and was running with it through the complex.

Witnesses have a different version. They said the 13-year-old did not have a gun and even held his hands up in a surrender position.

Police said no one was injured. They said the 13-year-old is in custody, but his parents and neighbors said the police are not being honest about what happened.