New Coke returns to Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola

For those of us who lived through the summer of 1985, it was an unforgettable season: Tears for Fears ruled the airwaves with the hit song “Shout,” moviegoers crowded theaters to see a flick called "Back to the Future," and everybody was talking about the release of New Coke.

Now, thanks to next month’s release of Netflix’s "Stranger Things 3," the summer of ’85 is making a comeback – and Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola will lead the way by resurrecting the drink everybody had to try at least once.

Tying in with the release of the third season of "Stranger Things" – which takes place during the summer of 1985 – Coca-Cola has rolled out a limited-edition release of New Coke, the infamous “update” of Coca-Cola first produced back in 1985.

Along with being available for purchase online at, New Coke is also in stock right now at Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola, where the first 1,000 guests who purchase admission tickets next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will receive a can of the soft drink. Fans also can buy special apparel related to New Coke and "Stranger Things" at the Coca-Cola Store at World of Coca-Cola.

Speaking of trips down memory lane, World of Coca-Cola has also unveiled a new exhibit celebrating 50 years of the company’s famed slogan, “It’s the Real Thing.”  Included in the exhibit are ads, posters, and original musical by late superstars Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and James Brown. The exhibit will remain on display through next year.

With so much attention focused on World of Coca-Cola right now, we couldn’t pass up the chance to jump right into the middle of the action. So the Good Day feature team spent the morning at the Atlanta attraction, doing plenty of exploring and taste-testing!