Learning the secrets of sushi at O-Ku Atlanta

In case you didn't know, today is International Sushi Day – although for many of us, any day is a good day to go out for sushi! 

The classic Japanese dish has grown increasingly popular here in the United States over the past few decades, including right here in metro Atlanta. And one of the restaurants leading the local sushi scene is O-Ku Atlanta, located at the Westside Ironworks development in West Midtown.

The menu at O-Ku Atlanta is filled with an ocean's worth of seafood, from octopus to sea urchin and sea scallop to surf clam. And a big draw at O-Ku is the rooftop, which gives diners a view of the city skyline.

Later this summer, the O-Ku family will expand with a new sister restaurant called Sukoshi, planned for Colony Square in Midtown.  Sukoshi is being described as the "on-the-go" version of O-Ku, catering to the carry-out crowd – and the restaurant will also deliver within a limited radius.

So, back to International Sushi Day. You know the Good Day team wasn't going to let it pass by without enjoying some sushi, right?  So Paul Milliken spent the morning at O-Ku Atlanta, learning more about the history and legacy of sushi, and even getting a few lessons in rolling it!  Click the video player above to see how it turned out.