Doughnuts get all 'dolled' up at Marietta favorite

If you know anything about the Good Day Atlanta team, you know we love doughnuts.  So imagine our excitement when we came across a Marietta shop which honors the history of the doughnut while taking it to a modern, unique place.

Doughnut Dollies opened just after Thanksgiving in 2015, owned and operated by Anna and Chris Gatti.  After opening Canvas Cafe and Bakery in 2006, the Gattis searched for a way to use the building’s spacious bottom level, eventually hitting upon the idea of turning it into a doughnut shop.  “During the planning stages, I had asked my sister-in-law to help with finding the name.  So she did a little research and came across articles about the ‘Donut Dollies,’” Gatti says.  “During WWII and Vietnam, especially, they would volunteer to serve refreshments and entertain the troops…Their motto actually was ‘a taste of home.’  And we really loved just everything that said about food and why we love what we do.” 

Today, Gatti has assembled her own team of “Donut Dollies,” who make more than 500 donuts a day from scratch, including their signature, the Dollie, which is dipped in sugar, brûléed, and filled with Crème brûlée filling.  “We’re doing something really simple, something that's been around forever, but we want to do it really well and we want to do it inspired from where we’ve come from,” Gatti says.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning in Marietta at Doughnut Dollies, doing some “investigative journalism” (in other words, taste-testing) into what makes these doughnuts such a local favorite.