Dax Shepard talks new game show 'Spin The Wheel'

What do you get when you combine the talents of Grammy-winner Justin Timberlake with popular comedian Dax Shepard, add in a possible $20 million cash prize, and then set it all against the backdrop of a giant spinning wheel? You got television’s craziest new game show, premiering tonight on FOX!

We’re talking about “Spin The Wheel,” which is executive produced by Timberlake and hosted by Shepard and which debuts at 9:00 p.m. tonight on FOX 5 Atlanta. The premise sounds simple – spin the giant wheel, then answer pop culture trivia questions and hopefully win the cash prize at stake. But trust us, there’s nothing simple about “Spin The Wheel” – the amounts of money featured on the wheel will change throughout the episode, depending on how the contestant is doing, and strategy will play a huge part in how much money each person walks away with!

We recently traveled to New York and sat down with Dax Shepard to learn more about the show and why it’s something the comedian wanted to fit into his busy schedule. 

Click the video player above to see the interview – and catch the very first episode of “Spin The Wheel” tonight on FOX 5!