Buford cheerleader sets tumbling world record

A 16-year-old Buford cheerleader just tumbled her way to a world record with an amazing feat.

Two weeks ago, with an official clock from Guinness World Records running, Angel Rice completed ten double full twists in one minute!

"It took me until the next day to realize, wow!  It's real!  It didn't feel real when it was happening.  I had to actually think about it and look at the plaque," said Angel.

It was a moment more than a decade in the making. Tumbling coach Frank Riley remembers when Angel first stepped into his FlipCity South gym in Stockbridge when she was 5-years-old.

"When she came it was like, 'Wow! Who is this little girl?'" said Riley.

She had the most important quality for a good tumbler: a fearless heart.

"She was strong.  She wasn't one of the kids that come to the gym and they're scared.  Anything I asked her to do she would try," said Riley.

Now, Angel is under pressure to break her own world record.

"Of course everybody was saying, 'Well how many are you going to do next year?'" said Coach Riley. 

"It's kind of motivational when I see other people that want to be like me. So it's like let's just try it. Let's try to get over ten.  So they pushed me to get over ten," said Angel.

Although it's not official, Angel has already shattered her own world record.  In practice she has completed 13 full double twists in 60 seconds.

"Some of the advice I would give the young kids that train with me is just push through it. Listen to your coaches and work hard.  If you work hard, it pays off," said Angel. 

Angel is a national champion in power tumbling. She has won countless local, regional and state competitions. Her next goal is to be a world champion.