Atlanta’s Sublime Doughnuts celebrates 'Sweet 14'

The year: 2008. The place: Atlanta. The person: Kamal Grant, who has a talent for baking and a passion for doughnuts.

After traveling the world with the United States Navy and attending culinary and baking schools, Grant decided to open his own doughnut shop and sweeten up his community. The result? Something truly Sublime.

This morning, we spent some time with Kamal Grant and his team at the original Sublime Doughnuts on 10th Street near the Georgia Tech campus, celebrating the business’s "Sweet 14" this week. Over the past 14 years, Sublime Doughnuts has become one of the most recognized doughnut bakers in the state, serving as a "must-try" culinary destination for visitors to Georgia and gaining stellar reviews from global publications. 

So, what’s the secret to Sublime’s success? One glance over the menu says it all. Popular choices include the Fresh Strawberry N Cream (which really is over-filled with strawberries and crew), the A-Town Cream and the A-Town Mocha (both shapes like the letter!), and the Orange Dream Star. 

There are two locations here in Atlanta — in West Midtown and the North Druid Hills shop on Briarcliff Road, which opened in 2016 — and both are open 24 hours a day. To check out the locations and take a look at that delicious menu, click over the Sublime Doughnuts website here.