How Hurricane Ian could impact north Georgia

All eyes are on the tropics as Hurricane Ian strengthens in the Caribbean and heads north.

On its latest track, Hurricane Ian is expected to track across portions of Georgia later in the week, but the impacts of the decaying tropical system will largely depend on your proximity to the storm's center.

As of late Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center's track forecast suggests the center of Ian will move across north Georgia early Saturday morning bringing a generous amount of rainfall along with gusty winds as early as Friday.

At this time, Atlanta remains west of the center meaning the metro area could be spared from the storm's most severe impacts which including flash flooding, damaging wind gusts and tropical tornadoes.

This forecast is subject to change with it being some 5 to 6 days out.  

Currently, the cone of uncertainty extends as far west as Montgomery, Alabama and as far east Charleston, South Carolina.The days of the greatest local impact will be Friday and Saturday before the storm moves northeastward impacting the Carolinas into the weekend.

Stay with the FOX 5 Storm Team as we continue to monitor this fluid forecast, but make sure you start to prepare for impacts by the end of the week. 

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